Exhibition: Halfway Where (24-26 May 2017)

In May 2017 I was asked to curate the exhibition Halfway Where by the third year students of the painting and printmaking department at the KABK: Royal Academy of Art The Hague.

We created an exhibition and a booklet together, on this page you can find the introduction I wrote for the booklet and several photographs of the exhibition.

Halfway Where

The space you are standing in exhibits artworks created by eleven students in the painting and printmaking department at the KABK: Royal Academy of Art The Hague. These students, in the third year of their program, are on their own paths towards becoming an artist – to creating their own work, and finding their own voice.

To an outsider, the academy may seem like a playground, a place where one acquires the tools and space to create visual work that express their thoughts and beliefs. However, every single artist exhibiting their work in the space where you are standing right now, will tell you that it is a struggle at the very same time. It is a difficult task to find the form and shape in which your message is most clearly presented.

This exhibition shows the individual journeys these eleven students are making, and how they explore the boundaries between being an art student and being an artist. Their linear movement from sharing classes on material, perspective and writing an artist’s statement to creating their own work in their very own studio.

We would like to invite you to observe the works these artists have made, regard the students as individuals, although keeping in mind they are all on the same trajectory. We ask you to explore with them, think about the differences and similarities between the projects. Investigate, discover, and behold the paths these students are taking and the quests they have set out to find their true artistic selves. They are almost there, caught between being a student and an artist — they are halfway where.